Spitfires to take to the skies of Britain again

And it's all down to one aircraft enthusiast...

Flying Ace: Aircraft Enthusiast Guns For Spitfire Revival

The Spitfire, aka the most iconic of British fighter planes, could soon be making a more frequent appearance in UK skies.

The Enstone Airfield Spitfire Club in Oxfordshire is embarking on an ambitious project to build a whole squadron of 12 new Spitfires.

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A dedicated team of volunteers is creating a squadron of mini-Spitfires to mark the 80th anniversary of the iconic plane's first flight - despite the fact that many of them have no experience in building aircraft.

Two of the WW2 fighter models are already completed, with another one due by the end of the year.

Leader Paul Fowler said: "The Spitfire is probably the most iconic aircraft ever designed.

"It has gone beyond the legend, it's the closest thing to a mechanic deity - it's appeal is global.

"We have people from Tokyo and South America who are interested in the project.

"It's a beautiful looking aeroplane, there's no angle from which it looks ugly. It's just a stunning piece of design."

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