Naked bike riders take to the streets of Sao Paolo Brazil

Thousands strip off in campaign for better safety and cleaner environment

Cyclists Ride Nude to Protest Lack of Bike Lanes

Thousands of naked bike riders took to the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil, at the weekend to highlight their environmental concerns as well as the lack of dedicated bike lanes in the country.

The event was organised as part of International World Naked Bike Ride.

The cyclists are demanding improved road conditions and more safety protocols, claiming that Sao Paolo has some of the world's most dangerous roads for cyclists.

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They also and wanted to draw attention to the health and environmental benefits of cycling.

The event has become an annual occurrence - this is the ninth year in a row it has been organised - and this one proved to be more popular than ever.

Fancy going on a naked bike ride yourself? It's not too late - the event for the northern hemisphere will be held in various cities on Saturday 11 June 2016. Find out more here.

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