Coffee or Nice? Five spending swaps to fit more holidays into your life

The everyday items you can swap for holidays abroad

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'I need a holiday' is a common phrase heard across the UK at this time of year but it's not always possible to jet off to a sunny location if your budget doesn't stretch to an extra holiday.

With recent Travelex research revealing that a whopping 62 per cent of us don't travel as much as we would like to and 60 per cent of us blaming this on money, the travel money service is offering you a helping hand in making your holiday dream a reality - by substituting just one everyday item.

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Whether it's takeaways, your morning coffee, or even alcohol, you can save enough money to tick an incredible destination off your holiday wish list with these excellent spending swaps...

1. Coffee

If you managed to wean yourself off your takeaway coffee for a year, you could save roughly £393. You could swap this for a week-long holiday in Nice, where a four-star hotel costs as little as £203, or an Interrail Pass which costs £359 for a 22-day second class adult pass to make your way around 30 European countries.

2. Takeaways

We can't deny the joy of a takeaway on a weekend... but it can be a pricey habit. 16 to 24-year-olds spend an average of £19.61 per week, which adds up to £1,019.72 every year! You could swap this for a trip to America's Sunshine State. Between Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Tallahassee, Florida is one of the most popular states for a holiday. 43.8% of 18 to 24-year-olds told Travelex that they would love to visit the USA in 2016, and they could do this by swapping their takeaways for a spot of sunshine. A week-long stay in Florida in June 2016 (including return flights from London) could carry a price tag of as little as £820, leaving almost £200 left of your takeaway savings to contribute to your spending money. You could also swap your takeaways for a week-long trip to Havana. A four-star hotel and return flights from London racks up a bill of as little of £750.

3. Smoking

Based on the RRP of a pack of 20 cigarettes in 2014, the average smoker spends £1,543.95 each year on their vice (smoking 10 per day), which rises to £3,087.90 on a 20 per day habit. You could swap this for a trip to Las Vegas. GoCompare found seven-day, five-star holidays in Vegas from 13 to 19 June 2016 for as little as £1,024.19 – including flights and hotels – with plenty left over for a sunset helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon (roughly £349). You could also swap cigarettes for a trip to Tokyo. A week in a four-star hotel and return flights from London could come to just £757, with £56 left over for a cruise around Tokyo Bay.

4. Alcohol

You'd be surprised how far sacrificing booze for a year will get you. The average Brit spends £787 per year on alcohol (which rises to £886 in London). Fancy swapping this for a city break in Rome this May? For as little as £413 you could stay in a five-star hotel for seven days and enjoy a three-hour tour of the Colosseum for an extra £73. You could also swap this for a trip to Australia. 15.9% of people say that Australia is one of their dream destinations for 2016, and surprisingly, the yearly cost of booze will buy you return flights with plenty left over to spare. Flying from London to Sydney and back (12 to 25 June 2016), you could spend as little as £567, according to TravelSupermarket.

5. Eating out

The Office of National Statistics says that British households fork out £863.20 on restaurant meals over the average year. If you cut that down by half, it works out as £431.60 – enough for a decent holiday. You could spend it on a trip to Greece. Since 14.3% of you fancy heading to Greece this year, you might be surprised to know that a return trip from London to Athens, staying in a five-star hotel for a week in July 2016 starts at £346. Add on a hop-on hop-off tour ticket and your bill still only comes to roughly £360. You could also swap this for a trip to Barcelona for just £407, according to GoCompare. A week in a four-star hotel plus your return flights can come to less than half the average yearly restaurant bill, with plenty left over to enjoy some tapas.

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