Family dog and mountain lion in vicious fight (video)

Doberman miraculously survived the attack in California


The moment a Doberman was attacked by a mountain lion in a family's back garden in California was caught on CCTV.

A brutal fight between the big cat and family pet showed the cougar creeping towards the tied-up dog.

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The mountain lion is then seen locking its jaws into the Doberman's neck as blood spills onto the floor.

Just as it seems the mountain lion has won the fight, the big cat lunges away and the dog gets up before shaking itself off.


According to some reports, the Doberman survived but was left with 60 stitches.

Last year, a brave cat was filmed standing its ground as a huge mountain lion pawed at it on a back door window pane.

The mountain lion/house cat face-off was caught on camera by US comedian Tom Mabe while he was staying at a friend's house in Boulder, Colorado.

Tom can be heard saying: "Oh my, is that crazy or what?" as the mountain lion paws and hisses at the cat, which just stands there and lets out the odd little miaow.

And, being the prankster that he is, Tom couldn't help a little joke with his wife, who comes in and says: "Oh my God. Where are the kids?"

Tom replies: "They're out back."

She gasps: "Tommy, are you kidding me?"

He laughs: "They're still in bed", and she replies: "That is not funny." Her shocked outcry ends up scaring off the lion, which wanders off back into the forest.

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