Sea lion pup jumps aboard boat to catch some rays (video)

Tourists delighted as animal joins them on boat tour in California

Sea Lion Pup Jumps Aboard Boat to Catch Some Rays

Whales and other marine life are often spotted in the water along California's coast but for one tour group the sea life came aboard when a baby sea lion jumped onto an eco-tour's boat.

The adorable animal was filmed surprising visitors in Southern California. The guests were all too happy to take some pictures of the animal which appeared to be enjoying its time soaking up the rays on the boat.

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But as cute as the sea lion is, experts believe it may have been looking for food as starvation is causing their numbers to dwindle.

Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are blaming climate change for the sea lions starving as the rising ocean temperatures are making their food supply scarce.

Last year, a hilarious holiday video of a relaxed seal sunbathing on a sun lounger at the beach went viral.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by tourist Paul van Loock and shows the animal soaking up the sunshine just like any other holidaymaker.

It was shared over 250,000 times, with social media users commenting "LOL awesome" and another writing: "Adorable!!! He looks so relaxed".

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