Cabin crew short-change passengers to pocket over £300 per year

Top ways flight attendants break the rules while flying

In the airplane.

Cabin crew have confessed the most frequent ways that they break the rules while serving the public on flights, including short-changing passengers to pocket £331.20 per year.

A new poll has revealed that flight attendants have lied to passengers about product availability, had sex with their colleagues and short-changed travellers.

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The research by initially asked current stewards or those who have worked as a flight attend within the past five years, 'Have you ever broken the rules during a flight?' to which 89% of respondents admitted that they had.

When asked which rules they had broken, 28% admitted they have lied to passengers about product availability, 21% said they have indulged in sexual relations with a colleague during a flight and 20% confessed to short-changing passengers. 14% said they had indulged in sexual relations with a passenger during a flight and 7% had accepted tips and gifts from passengers.

Of those who admitted that they had short-changed passengers, 54% said they had done so by giving their change in a different currency and 40% said that most passengers don't check their change.

Furthermore, the average cabin crew member admitted to pocketing £27.60 per month, or £331.20 per year. asked cabin crew employees across Europe, with 29 per cent of German stewards saying they pocket £410.79 per year, 24% in Spain admitting they make £121.15 and French flight attendants confessing to pocketing £90.73, compared with 18% of Italians admitting they make an extra £75.88 from passengers.

Antoine Michelat, co-founder of, said: "It's completely unacceptable for cabin crew to be short-changing passengers; they're knowingly pocketing the money that should be going back to the customer and are therefore stealing.

"Just under £30 a month may not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but that's over £300 per year – and if the results of this survey are anything to go by then cabin crew in Germany are stealing even more. They may think it's OK by passing it off as the odd 20p here and 50p there, but that's still money that's not rightfully yours and belongs to someone else."

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