Incredible dog rescue caught on camera after pup gets trapped by raging river

Team of nearly 20 rescue workers saves dog in Canada

Incredible Dog Rescue Caught on Camera

A dog trapped for days between a raging Canadian river and a steep, rocky incline had a lucky escape when rescuers heard his barks for help.

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A team of almost 20 volunteers took part in the daring rescue, and caught the complex task on camera - proving that animal rescues aren't as easy as Hollywood would have us believe.

The first challenge for the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) and Summit to Sound Search & Rescue, was reaching the stranded dog - who was trapped on the far side of the Nooksack River between two sets of rapids.

To get to the pooch, a lone rescue worker had to swim across the river with a guideline, while other rescuers journeyed downstream to offer help in case something went wrong.

A second team member then waded across the raging waters with the equipment that would hopefully carry the distressed dog back to the other side.

Unfortunately, the terrified dog kept retreating up the hill. After several failed attempts to coax him down, a rescuer named Marcia finally managed to catch hold of him.

After attaching a muzzle around the dog's nose, rescuers were able to move the animal across the river on an emergency ferry. Things didn't go to plan though.

Writing on Facebook, the WASART team said: "Marcia and the dog ended up on the water as the responder side team hauled on the ropes as fast as they could to get the pair over.

"Marcia held on to the raft with one hand and kept the dog's head above the water with the other."

Once safely back on dry land, the dog shook himself off and was taken to a vet for a check-up.

As the dog wasn't micro-chipped, he's being looked after until his owner can be found. "We hear he's doing well," wrote WASART. "He's a bit underweight, but has had some food and is settling in at Whatcom Humane Society."

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