RSPCA hunts 'Cotswolds cat shaver' after series of attacks

Attacker has used clippers on up to 12 cats


Pet owners in the Cotswolds are being targeted in a string of attacks on their cats which has seen the animals' fur shaved off.

The mystery attacker has struck a number of times in the past few months and uses a set of clippers on the pets.

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Now the RSPA is appealing for information after some cats were attacked up to four times each.

It says up to 12 cats have been targeted in villages around Gatcombe Park.

A spokesman for the RSPCA warned: "Shaving a cat in this way could cause huge distress to both animal and owner."

Owner Lysetta Bray, 56, said her cat Tippi came home twice with her fur shaved off.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Bray, from France Lynch, said: "I haven't a clue why it's happening and neither has the vet."

Five miles away in Minchinhampton, neighbours Mandy Felton and John Kerry said their cats were targeted a total of eight times.

John, whose ginger tabby Beau has been shaved four times, told the Daily Mirror: "It's ridiculous, who would go around doing this kind of thing?"

"I'm sure it's taking a real toll on the cat now, the poor thing must be traumatised. I'm surprised she still wants to go outside."

Gloucestershire Police is aware of the incidents and urged pet owners to be vigilant.

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