Man weighing 12.5 stone booted off plane due to weight restrictions

Dan Nykaza says he had sat on the flight for 30 minutes when he was asked to leave

175-Pound Man Gets Booted From Plane Due To Weight Restrictions

A man weighing 12.5 stone was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Chicago O'Hare to Salt Lake City because the plane had exceeded its maximum take-off capacity.

Dan Nykaza claims he was asked to leave the aircraft by a flight attendant after he had been seated for nearly 30 minutes.

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He said the flight was not oversold but because of the weight restrictions and a lack of volunteers, staff decided to remove the last two people who checked in.

The dentist, who has Platinum status with the airline, refused a $200 voucher he was offered.

Speaking to ABC7, Nykaza said: "I'm sitting on the plane 20-30 minutes and the flight attendants came up to me and said 'You have to get off. You have to get off. You're out of the plane'.

"So I missed the entire weekend. My nephew was there, my daughter, it was sad."

American Airlines said its regional carrier Envoy did not follow proper policy and should have removed the people who booked last, not the last who checked in.

After writing a complaint letter, Nykaza was given a $500 voucher and 15,000 miles.

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