UFO sightings in North of England prove extra-terrestrial life, says expert

Sightings caught on camera above Newcastle, County Durham, Gateshead and Northumberland 'prove we’re not alone'…

UFO on Country Road

Footage of strange lights in the skies above the North of England are a sign of extra-terrestrial life and prove we're not alone, according to a North East UFO 'investigator'.

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Glen Richardson, a Hartlepool-based UFO Investigative Researcher told the Chronicle: "I have been investigating incidents for around 20 years now, I get about five pictures and messages about UFOs from across the North East and UK every week.

"It may be true that nine times out of 10 there is a scientific explanation but some things you just cannot explain. I am very open minded and I do believe that there is life out there, sightings like the ones recorded back that up."

Witnesses in the North of England have recorded 18 sightings with the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) - described as 'the world's oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body' during the past 12 months.

They include a video recording of a disc-shaped orange light hovering over County Durham on 27 June, footage of a flying object that appeared as 'defined lights within a square' in the skies above Sunderland on 1 December, and someone near the A1 who took a picture of a plane with a UFO hovering above it on 14 May.

Mr Richardson urges anyone who witnesses an incident to report it. "Some people fear ridicule, but there is no shame in trying to find the answers and I think the more people report the more investigations there will be and the more evidence will form."

Across Britain, there have been 476 sightings logged on Mufon in the last year. They range from a 'teleporting man' to a white glowing object that 'changed direction in the blink of an eye'.

Mr Richardson concluded: "There is strong evidence for life out there now and I predict in the next 30 years it will be a known fact."

Has there been a sighting near you?

Mufon has a handy UFO Tracker with live information. Simply enter your postcode or town, and when the map of your region appears, zoom out to see if there have been sightings near you.

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