Police kept 'dangerous' dog in cage for two years without exercising it

Stella was locked up by Devon and Cornwall police from 2014


A dog was kept by police in a 1m by 3m cage for two years without ever being exercised.

Stella was seized in Devon in 2014 after her owner was visited by police on an unrelated matter.

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According to the BBC, Devon and Cornwall police refused to give a reason why the dog could not be exercised and said she was considered potentially dangerous.

A worker at the kennels said they were told by police not to exercise dogs held under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The RSPCA guidelines issued for the welfare of seized dogs in kennels states that they "must have daily access to outdoor safe and secure areas, away from the kennel area and this should be for at least 30 minutes per day".

Laura Khanlarian, an assistant at the kennel, told the BBC that Stella had left her kennel twice and only for behavioural assessments.

She said: "Animal welfare comes before anything, and that was my job. I don't believe I would be doing it properly if I would sit back and think that's OK. It wasn't OK - it's not OK."

Writing on her Facebook page, Khanlarian said: "The most disgusting heart wrenching pain was and is felt when I discovered that so many people are responsible for the welfare of England's dogs and yet so many show no real care or responsibility for there welfare atall. Shame on them. It haunts me everyday. You run free on those pretty feet my STELLA BLUE!"

The dog was considered potentially dangerous due to her breed, behaviour when police seized her and her behaviour in assessments.

Devon and Cornwall Police told the BBC it would not comment on this specific case.

The full story will be shown on BBC Inside Out South West, tonight (Monday) at 7:30pm on BBC One South West and available on the BBC iPlayer.

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