How to make sure your luggage arrives at your holiday destination

Top tips to ensure your suitcase travels with you

Tips to Have Your Luggage Arrive When You Do

Lost luggage can ruin your holiday. To ensure that your suitcase arrives at the same destination as you, there are a few tips you can follow for stress-free travel...

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1. Try to book a direct flight. The fewer times your bag has to be handled means less chances of it getting lost.

2. If you're a frequent flyer, you should remove luggage tags from previous trips to avoid confusing the airline employees or scanners.

3. Don't arrive too early to drop off your bag at the airport. Luggage that sits more than 90 minutes before a flight might be put aside and accidentally forgotten by staff.

4. Travelling with a friend or partner? Pack some of your belongings in each other's bags so that if your luggage is lost, one of you isn't completely stranded.

5. Put a copy of your itinerary inside your luggage. It will make it much easier for airline staff to forward your belongings on.

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