Boy on holiday gets hand stuck in hotel vending machine

Four-year-old Leo was freed after nearly six hours


A boy from Australia who was on holiday in Melbourne with his family got his hand stuck in a vending machine for almost six hours.

Four-year-old Leo was taken to hospital after being freed by rescue workers.

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According to 9News, it was the first time he had seen a vending machine, which was located in the lobby of the hotel where his family was staying.

His father said he managed to move his arm up three metal anti-theft flaps before it became stuck inside.

Leo, from Arnhem Land, was reportedly trying to reach a pack of biscuits.

Rescue workers had to dismantle the machine piece by piece to free the boy, ABC reports. He was sedated and distracted with mobile phones while emergency crews cut open the machine.

Aaron Shorthouse said it was tough sitting back while rescuers tried to free his son.

"He's fine after five-and-a-half hours. He was a bit inquisitive, he put his hand in the vending machine, but yes he's good now," he said.

Sergeant Ali Gurdag said it was the "first type of job I've had to respond to in that situation".

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