US Coastguard boat capsizes while trying to reach fishing boat (video)

Dramatic rescue in New York captured on camera

Coast Guard Boat Capsizes During Call

US Coast Guard crew had to swim to safety when their rescue boat capsized while assisting a fishing boat that ran aground off New York City during rough seas on Thursday.

Five members of the crew and seven fishermen escaped without injury during the incident.

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A spokeswoman for the US Coast Guard said the crew managed to swim to shore before a helicopter with a rescue basket was used to airlift the fishermen to safety.

Speaking to Associated Press, Ali Flockerzi said an overnight storm may have been a factor and added that the 25ft Coast Guard boat was hit by waves of up to 12ft.

U.S. Coast Guard Operations Specialist First Class Morgan Gallapis said all seven crew members on 76ft fishing vessel Carolina Queen 3 were rescued in the baskets dangling from two helicopters.

They called for help at 2am when their boat got stuck in shallow waters.

Gallapis told Reuters that they "ran aground and their vessel started to take on water, they feared it would capsize".

When the Coast Guard fleet was called out, the crew's boat capsized around a quarter of a mile from the fishing vessel.

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