Watch these surfers take on world's biggest waves

Praia do Norte in Portugal is famed for its massive waves

Surfers take on world's biggest waves (video)

Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal is renowned for creating some of the biggest waves in the world and as a result it attracts some of the world's most famous surfers

This video will give you some idea of just how gigantic the waves can be.

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Filmmaker Javier Sobrado Lasheras, who travelled to Praia do Norte to document their efforts, says: "The filming was trying to show the size of the waves in Europe, which are potentially the biggest in the world and the courage of the surfers that attempt to surf those waves by themselves."

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"It's difficult to know the exact size of the waves, but the truth is there were waves over ten metres, twelve, and even some of fifteen."

"We were so lucky because the world surfing elite was there that day, there were people like Nic Lamb, Joao de Macedo, Garrett McNamara, Jamie Mitchell who took on an incredible wave, so the truth is that just the elite was there because it is a place where only people of the highest quality can surf."

Javier said there were a number of 'tense and critical moments' - but the rescues were handled well.

People are often shocked when they see the sheer size of the waves and are often even more amazed to find that there are surfers willing to take them on.

"It's awesome because they don't believe something like that can exist so close to our shore," said Javier.

Praia do Norte is one of the most westerly points in Europe and it sits on top of the Nazare Canyon which is a huge underwater ravine, the Telegraph reports.

Given the location, winds in the area are able to fly across the Atlantic without obstacle, generating some of these monstrous waves.

Surfer Garrett McNamara managed to break his own world record in 2013 when he surfed a 100ft wave here.

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