Couple in France find message in bottle from New York

Artist George Boorujy threw the wine bottle into the water two years ago

French Couple Discovers Message in a Bottle That Left New York 2 Years Ago

It's perhaps one of the most mysterious finds along the beach - a message in a bottle.

This one was picked up along the shore in France and it traveled all the way from New York City.

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Artist George Boorujy tossed the wine bottle into the water more than two years ago.

A French couple were walking their dog along the beach in the Aquitaine region in the south of France when they spotted the elusive glass in the sand. Inside, they found a drawing of a bird and a letter congratulating the finders!

This bottle is one of several sent out to sea as part of an environmental project - others were found off the coast of Florida, Virginia and Connecticut.

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