Meet the man who holidays in war zones

Wish you were here? Andy McGinlay actively seeks out danger when he heads abroad

Wish You War Here: Holidaying In Warzones
Intrepid adventurer Andy McGinlay believes he is the world's most fearless traveller.

While most of us are content with a package vacation or a relaxing beach break, the 34 year old is on a one-man mission to holiday in the world's most dangerous countries.

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McGinlay seeks out coups, civil unrest and even war zones as the sites for his next holidays.

He says: "My idea was that by going to dangerous countries I kind of got my head above the parapet and it gave me more to talk about and I had more of a story to tell."

Andy got his taste for risk when he was travelling the world aged 18 and ended up in Fiji at the time of a military coup.

Yemen, Bangkok and Kabul in Afghanistan are just a number of the destinations Andy has visited.

The 34-year-old currently lives and teaches in Saudi Arabia which can also be a volatile region.

Speaking of his unusual travel choices and current home he says: "You've got to be on your toes!"

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