Bizarre wedding proposal traditions around the world

Where would you have to dissect a chicken liver with your fiance?

Unusual proposal traditions around the world

Every leap year, according to British tradition, women have the chance to get down on one knee for their partners.

A tad old fashioned these days (not to mention sexist), but the forthcoming leap year has inspired us to take a look at some weird and wonderful traditions for marriage proposals around the world with some help from our friends at Hertz.

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According to Irish Central the tradition for women proposing to men originates in Ireland, and began as far back as 5th century Ireland when St Brigid complained to St Patrick about how women had to wait so long for men to propose.

Legend has it that St Patrick then declared that women should have the opportunity to propose to men on the final day of February in a leap year.

Preparing for the worst case scenario, some upper class European societies then decided the men should buy 12 pairs of gloves for a woman if they rejected them, to hide their shame at not having a ring to wear.

Which other countries around the world have quirky proposal traditions?

Unusual proposal traditions around the world


In these Pacific islands, the prospective groom must first go to the bride-to-be's father and present him with a whale's tooth before he can ask for the woman's hand in marriage.

Unusual proposal traditions around the world


In Ghana the pressure is off the groom-to-be when it comes to proposing. Instead of having to get down on bended knee himself, the groom-to-be's uncle and mother visit the prospective fiancée and propose marriage on the groom's behalf.

Unusual proposal traditions around the world


It's not just the bride-to-be getting her hands on a big, shiny sparkler: both men and women wear rings to symbolise engagement in Scandinavia - and they use an extra ring in the wedding ceremony – the ring of motherhood.

Unusual proposal traditions around the world

Tribal Kenya

Men in Kenya don't have to worry about an embarrassing public rejection - because men send their prospective fiancee beads. If the beads are kept then it's a yes. If the family accepts the union then they will also give the bride an ornament to acknowledge this.

Unusual proposal traditions around the world

China (Daur)

In China, engaged Daur couples traditionally dissect a chicken together and if the liver of the chicken is healthy then they can set a date for their wedding. If the liver is not healthy they have to continue with the gruesome practice until they find a chicken with a healthy liver.

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