Wild bears trash tent at campsite

That moment when your tent gets completely destroyed by wild bears...

Wild Bears Absolutely Decimate Campsite

This extraordinary footage shows what happened when a pair of very large brown bears took a fancy to a tent on a campsite on Sakhalin Island in Russia.

The bears can be seen rifling through the remains of the tent, munching on leftover food and even playing around with a canister of camping gas.

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The man behind the camera can be heard shouting at the bears and making loud banging noises as he tries to scare the bears off.

Unfortunately the bear he's focusing on doesn't seem to bothered, taking a lazy look around before carrying on with his destructive mission.

As the camera pans out it's clear to see his friend isn't too fussed either as he appears to be reclining in the remains of the tent, having a look through what's left on the ground.

The campers were forced to light flares in order to scare them away and the sudden burst of red light, swirling smoke and explosive noise seemed to finally show the bears they weren't welcome.

Thankfully nobody was in that tent when the hungry and curious bears appeared, otherwise it might have been a different story...

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