Lioness shows how to deal with a sex pest (video)

Ouch! This female lion makes her feelings very clear

Lioness Slaps Sex Pest Lion

This lioness certainly knows how to handle herself when she gets unwanted attention from a male.

In the video, which was filmed on Thursday in Kruger National Park, the lioness gives a male suitor a good slap when he gives her a suggestive sniff.

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The sharp movement and intense growling seems to work in the desired way, as the male immediately backs down, walking away leaving the lioness to settle back into her spot on the roadside.

"One can clearly see the embarrassment on his face," the cameraman wrote online.

Tourists in Kruger National Park were horrified earlier this year when they came across a lion in the park with a snare trapped around its neck.

Meliska Viljoen and Meike Pettit spotted the lion in agony and told the Mirror: "It was just the two of us out for a drive and straight away when we came across this lion you could see there was something wrong.

"It was shaking its head from side to side, clearly irritated by the snare."

The pair quickly contacted the rangers in the park who managed to remove the snare and release the lion.

They believe hunters may have laid the snare to catch smaller animals.

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