Woman whose name is Elizabeth Line stunned by Twitter frenzy

Crossrail's new train line puts one woman in the limelight (and it's not the queen)

Real Elizabeth Line shocked by sudden popularity on Twitter

A woman living in New York got a bit of a shock yesterday when she woke up to find her name trending on Twitter.

Yesterday morning it was revealed that the Crossrail project running through London was to be named the 'Elizabeth Line' in honour of the Queen - and it immediately started trending.

The woman, whose name also happens to be Elizabeth Line, told the i100: "When I woke up this morning, a friend had texted to let me know I was trending on Twitter. My first thought was... 'It's finally happening!'"

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Elizabeth Line took the sudden blast of attention in her stride, happily joking about the bizarre coincidence on Twitter.

She told the i100: "I wracked my brain to make sure I hadn't done anything that would cause my family any embarrassment.

"Once I found out about the Crossrail naming, I settled comfortably into my 15 minutes.

"I'm looking forward to doing my part to calm the frustrations of stressed commuters in the future. I live in NYC so I'm sympathetic."

Line even joked that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York should consider naming one of their services after her, tweeting: 'Ok @MTA, your move.'

However Elizabeth has also realised there may be a downside to all the attention in the future: "Many are sympathetic that I will be bombarded with tweets and comments that are supposed to be for TfL about service interruptions in the years to come."

With all the other London Underground lines having their own Twitter pages including the Victoria Line and the Jubilee Line maybe it's lucky that Miss Line's Twitter handle is @LizLine not @ElizabethLine -otherwise she might be in for even more of a social media storm in the future.

According to TfL, the Elizabeth Line will carry half a million passengers each day. The service is due to open in 2018 and will connect Reading in the west all the way across to Shenfield in the east as well as serving Abbey Wood in the south east and Heathrow Airport.

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