Small Italian eatery is the 'best restaurant in London'

Fiddie's Italian Kitchen topped the list on TripAdvisor

Small Italian restaurant named best in London by TripAdvisor

Despite London being home to a huge number of Michelin starred restaurants, a small Italian eatery tucked away in north west London is currently sitting in top spot as TripAdvisor's 'best restaurant in London'.

Fiddie's Italian Kitchen, on Finchley Road, NW3, is currently ranked number one out of 16,690 restaurants in the city.

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The restaurant has a five out of five bubble rating on TripAdvisor with reviews including: "The best Italian food in London!" and "delicious food at fantastic prices!"

Another patron said: "The atmosphere is fab, the staff are very friendly and attentive, and most importantly the food was absolutely amazing."

A statement on Fiddies' website says: "With over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, our head chef will give you a taste of Italy for you to enjoy at home or in our restaurant."

Although the list is constantly changing as reviews are submitted to the site, the number two spot is currently occupied by Gastronhome in Battersea.

The French restaurant claims to offer the 'finest French cuisine and the most delectable wines'.

Damien Fremont and Christopher Nespoux founded the restaurant in 2013 with the aim to produce traditional French cuisine with a modern twist.

Another small Italian restaurant, Trattoria Raffaele which can be found on the Sydenham Road, was listed as the number one restaurant earlier this week but it's since fallen into third place.

The restaurant has a five out of five bubble rating on TripAdvisor and comments from patrons include: "A great suprise. Good italian food. Warm atmosphere. The staff make you feel relaxed and at home. I will surely come back."

Another TripAdvisor user said: "Excellent service by friendly,warm people,great food and excellent wine in earthy and cosy surroundings. All this makes for a hearty Italian meal."

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