Four injured in emergency plane landing in Japan

Engine smoke forces passengers had to use emergency chutes to disembark Boeing 737

Four Injured After Japanese Plane Has Engine Fire

More than 160 passengers and crew were forced to slide down emergency chutes in swirling snow after engine smoke entered the cabin of a Japan Airlines domestic flight and forced an aborted take-off.

National broadcaster NHK showed video footage of the passengers evacuating and gathering on the snow-covered tarmac at New Chitose Airport.

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An unnamed passenger who was onboard at the time said: "I smelt something so I thought something must have gone wrong. So I removed my seatbelt and was waiting for instruction... yes, I saw a bit of smoke."

At least four passengers were injured during the evacuation and taken to hospital, Kyodo News agency reported.

The Boeing 737 was setting off from Sapporo and was supposed to be heading to Fukuoka in southern Japan.

Police reported that the incident had occurred as a result of the engine taking in snow. According to the Bangkok Post there was then a explosive sound when the engine was restarted.

Last week two passenger planes collided at Detroit Metro Airport.

An American Airlines place hit a Southwest Airlines plane while they were taxiing on the runway.

The unfortunate collision was later blamed on 'pilot error'.

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