Burger King won't be selling beer at London train stations

Fast-food chain refused alcohol licence at Victoria and Paddington stations

beer with burger

Burger King has been refused a licence to sell beer at two major train stations in London.

The fast-food chain wanted to serve alcohol at Victoria and Paddington stations from 10am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday.

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But PC Bryan Lewis told Westminster council's licensing sub-committee that young people's lives could be put at risk, the Evening Standard reports.

"To us, it's fast food, fast service, fast alcohol and fast drunkenness, as a result of that," he said.

"People consume alcohol and have a desire to eat fast food on the way home. At this point, they have had enough to drink but then they will be offered more [alcohol] at the station."

Nicola Smith, solicitor for SSP which runs Burger King, argued that Burger King customers could already purchase alcohol from other restaurants and shops near the station.

Meanwhile, Burger King at Reading Station has withdrawn its application to sell alcohol to customers.

Get Reading reports that the licence applications was withdrawn due to a "commercial decision".

Burger King was the first fast-food outlet in the UK to gain an alcohol licence last year when its Bury St Edmunds branch was given a licence to sell one beer per adult before 9pm.

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