Weird fish with bug eyes pulled from deep sea

Endo's Goosefish discovered off Victoria, Australia


A strange devil-like deepwater fish was pulled off the coast of Victoria in Australia.

The Endo's Goosefish, also known by some as 'monkfish,' is a deepwater member of the anglerfish family of fishes.

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It grows to 38cm and can be found around the south-eastern and western margins of Australia's continental shelf in waters ranging from 275 to 500m deep, the South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association said.

Following the find, the association said: "Like all anglerfishes, Endo's Goosefish uses a specially adapted dorsal fin ray (known as an esca by scientists) as a fishing rod to lure smaller, inquisitive prey near to its gruesome mouth. You can guess what happens next."

Anglerfishes have impressive teeth that ensure their prey never escapes.

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