Scary moment plane blows sideways in 50mph winds at Madeira Airport

Flight in terrifying landing on 'Europe's scariest runway'


Passengers arriving at Madeira Airport experienced a dramatic landing when their flight was blown sideways during 50mph crosswinds.

In a video, the plane is seen making a tricky landing and drifting side to side as it comes in to land.

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It turns almost 90 degrees as the pilot struggles to steer the jet straight.

The airport, which is prone to poor weather conditions due to its location close to mountains and the sea, has been dubbed Europe's scariest landing.

Last year, a Flybe flight arriving into Birmingham Airport had a rocky landing due to strong crosswinds.

As it landed, YouTube user FlugSnug's footage shows the aircraft veering severely towards the right hand side of the runway while still in the air.

The unstable plane approached the ground while appearing to bounce a little on the air above the runway. It then began to taxi along the runway while swerving dramatically to the right.

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