Pickpockets wearing Mickey Mouse ears rake in £6k a day at Disneyland Paris

Romanian gang found posing as tourists at theme park

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Police have revealed that a Romanian pickpocket gang wearing Mickey Mouse ears targeted tourists at Disneyland Paris and pulled in £6,000 a day.

The child pickpockets would pose as tourists and acted in groups of three or four, with one creating a distraction and the others making off with stolen goods, police commissioner Jerome Georges said.

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Part of a larger criminal network, the thieves stole cash, watches and mobile phones from tourists.

AFP reports that OCDLI, a French agency charged with fighting "itinerant delinquency," discovered around 1,000 thefts over six months.

In early February, a Romanian couple was arrested in northeast Paris after allegedly dispatching youngsters to steal from tourists travelling to Disneyland Paris and at the entrance of the theme park.

The Daily Mail reports that prosecutor Dominique Laurens said many of the thieves arrested were "known to police".

He said they had been stopped in other parts of Paris but were let go as they had no papers and could not speak French.

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