Giant sculpture moved after texters kept bumping their heads

The Kiss had to removed from outside Salisbury Cathedral due to clumsy mobile users

The Kiss Sculpture Is Installed At Salisbury Cathedral

A 20ft-high sculpture outside Salisbury Cathedral had to be removed after members of the public bumped their heads on the installation while walking and texting.

The Kiss, by artist Sophie Ryder, is two hands clasping and formed an arch over a path but it has now been moved to the lawn next to the path, the Salisbury Journal reports.

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Writing on her Facebook page, Ryder said: "We had to move 'the kiss' because people were walking through texting and said they bumped their heads! Oh well!!"

Speaking to the Western Daily Press, she said: "There were hundreds of people there and I was watching them. I'd heard there might be a problem and I just went to watch to see if it was true, and it was.

"People were walking along the path and basically not looking where they were going because they were looking down at their phones.

"Once they felt the shadow of it over them, it would shock them into jumping a bit. I didn't see anyone actually bump their head on it, but it was close. The gap in the middle is more than 6ft 4in, but at the side of the path you could bump your head, I suppose."

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