Man wakes from night out drinking in Magaluf to huge penis tattoo

Greg couldn't remember having the tattoo session


A holidaymaker woke up to find a large penis tattoo hanging down his leg after a drunken night out in Magaluf.

Greg did not remember the tattoo session and thought the inking was a pen drawing.

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"I went to Magaluf, had a few absinthes, few alcoholic beverages and I woke up in the morning, no recollection, couldn't remember the night at all," he said.

Appearing on E4's Tattoo Fixers, he said he rubbed his skin until it bled before thinking "that's the end of my life as I knew it".

When he returned home, Greg visited tattoo artists Steven 'Sketch' who converted it into an Asian guardian lion.

In 2012, a Scottish tourist told how she came scarily close to losing her foot after a £25 tattoo she had done on holiday in Turkey became infected.

Susan Fraser, 54, had a vine leaf design with hearts and stars etched onto her right foot in a tattoo studio in the Green Nature Resort & Spa hotel in Marmaris, Turkey.

But just hours later her foot became infected and ballooned, leaving her struggling to walk and in agonising pain.

After being escorted by a nurse on the flight home, Susan was rushed to hospital by ambulance from Glasgow Airport and doctors spent the next month trying to salvage her foot.

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