Ever seen a cat go skiing? You have now...

Jesper the ginger tom has clearly decided to be more dog than cat

Jesper The Cat Likes To Ski

Residents in Budor, Norway are getting used to seeing a rather unusual sight on their ski slopes.

One local woman can often be found taking to the slopes with her pet cat in tow.

Not only does Jesper the ginger tom seem to love padding along on the snow but he's even happy to be kept in check with a lead.

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In fact, skiing appears one of Jesper's favourite activities, although it can be a bit tricky for his owner - it's not always easy skiing with a cat, particularly when he has a habit of just stopping mid-slope.

However, his owner appears to have the situation under control. When necessary, Jesper just sits comfortably on his owner's shoulders as she glides down the slopes.

According to OutdoorHub Jesper actually behaves more like a dog than a cat -which is what prompted her to take him out on adventures initially.

In a video posted to the CBC Facebook page, Jesper enjoys taking a dip in a lake now and again too.

The video was posted on Tuesday and has already been liked almost 11,000 times and it has been viewed nearly 690,000 times.

It's clear, then, that Jesper isn't your typical house cat, he even has his own Facebook page and has so far amassed over 25,000 likes.

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