Would you book an 'afternoon delight'? Rise in daytime hotel bookings

Hourly rates are not just for lovers but ideal for travellers in transit and business guests

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Daytime bookings of hotel rooms by the hour are on the rise as lovers search for time alone in what has been dubbed the 'afternoon delight'.

Website dayuse.com, which offers bookings for hotel rooms during the day, allows hotels to increase their profits by filling empty rooms during the day and helps customers to book rooms by the hour without being charged for a full night.

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Speaking to the BBC, Lorenzo Sciotti, Dayuse's business development manager in London, said: "We are offering hotels the chance to boost income by 10%.

"And for customers - they get a hotel room for a few hours at a fraction of the price they would pay for a full day."

But hourly hotel bookings are not just for lovers looking for an 'afternoon delight'.

According to The Huffington Post, rent-by-the-hour rooms are ideal for businessmen and woman looking to shower and freshen up before a meeting, or travellers in transit who fancy a quick nap before they catch their next flight.

Many hotels still like to keep quiet about hourly rates, even though they are available more often than people think.

Getaroom.com co-founder Bob Diener told Maxim: "Luxury hotels, and the range of hotels on our site, aren't renting by the hour. But what a lot of hotels are doing that they don't necessarily advertise is allowing people to come in and rent a room by the day for a few hours.

"How they're packaging it these days is by using deals that let you use the room, the gym, and the pool. But what many people don't know is that looking for secret rates is a better way to get a lower room rate."

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