Tourists angry after Mick Jagger closes Argentinian cemetery for private tour

The Rolling Stone later shared an image of enjoying a visit to the site


Mick Jagger left tourists in Buenos Aires "disappointed" after a cemetery was closed for the musician to have a private tour.

The Rolling Stone was in Argentina for the band's South American tour but angered holidaymakers when he reportedly ordered the famous La Recoleta cemetery to be closed to the public.

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Speaking to The Sun, Will Slemmings said: "We were told we couldn't get in because Mick Jagger was having a private tour.

"There were a lot of disappointed people."

Jagger, 72, later posted a photo of his tour of the cemetery on Instagram and wrote: "Just taking a walk through Argentina's history at Recoleta cemetery".

Just days ago, it was reported that the rock band were under 24-hour armed guard after an employee was shot dead at a concert in Argentina.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "Wealthy personalities are always potential targets, but the band are kept safe and secure at all times by the best security personnel on the planet.

"They choose their hotels carefully, travel in separate vehicles which also reduces the risks, and are surrounded by armed security."

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