Knife-wielding crab protects itself from human (video)

Man vs. crab: who wins?


A crab in Brazil appeared to have had enough of humans when it resorted to protecting itself with a knife.

The large crustacean was filmed armed with the shiny cutlery as it showed off its impressive self-defence techniques.

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A video uploaded on YouTube showed the cameraman confidently trying to remove the knife from its claws but the crab raises the weapon and appears ready to slash him.

It is not known how the crab obtained the knife or if the knife's owner managed to retrieve the cutlery.

Earlier this week, a brave tourist picked up an enormous giant coconut crab with "lethal" claws while on holiday in Christmas Island.

Mark Pierrot posed for the photo opportunity with the crustacean, also known as a robber crab, on a trip to the island in the Indian Ocean.

The Christmas Island Tourism Association shared the picture on its Facebook page, with a joke referencing the Crocodile Dundee film, writing: "That's not a crab, THIS IS A CRAB."

Some people commented that the crab looked rather tasty, and the association responded to say that they are a protected species, writing: "It is not on any menu, it is illegal to eat robber crabs on Christmas Island.

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