The Titanic II will take to the seas in 2018 (video)

Would you buy a ticket to cruise on this ship?

The Titanic II Will Sail the Ocean Blue in 2018, Maybe
Would you be brave enough to take a trip on a replica of a boat that sank over 100 years ago?

These video mock-ups of Titanic II look eerily similar to the original ill-fated boat that famously sank in the Atlantic ocean in 1912.

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Australian billionaire Clive Palmer's company Blue Star Line is building a fully functional replica of the cruise liner that didn't make it past its maiden voyage.

Titanic II will reportedly host 840 cabins, split into first, second and third class just like the original boat. It will also have amenities including a squash court, Turkish baths and a grand staircase that all align with the original design features of RMS Titanic.

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It has also been reported that everyone on board will also get a set of 1912 inspired clothes to wear while on the ship.

But luckily, there are also some vital differences to the original ship that are important to note.

Palmer says the new ship will have enough lifeboats for everyone on board as well as up-to-date satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems.

The ship is being built in China and will sail from China to Dubai.

Palmer had planned for the new vessel to hit the open waters this year - but it's now estimated that it won't be launched until 2018.

The original RMS Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg, killing more than 1,500 passengers and crew.

One of the main features blamed for the catastrophic loss of life was the lack of lifeboats: they could only accommodate half of those on board the ship at the time of the incident.

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