Welcome to Germany... Oh wait - it's Venezuela

Who know Germezuela was a thing? It's the Germany of the Caribbean

Welcome to Germany, Oh Wait It's Venezuela

Traditional houses, beer, bratwurst, pretzels and Bavarian music: you'd be forgiven for thinking this place is in Germany - but it's thousands of miles away, nestled in the Caribbean.

This is Colonia Tovar, a German town 40km from Caracas, Venezuela, where 80% of the population is German, most of them descendants of families from around 20 villages in the Baden area who migrated here in the 1840s.

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Until the 1930s, a southern German dialect was spoken almost exclusively in this village, which has been dubbed Germezuela.

These days, Colonia Tovar welcomes all nationalities and cultures and is a big pull for tourists.

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