'Flying saucer' snapped over a beach in Bristol

Woman snaps UFO during family stroll at the beach

Is that flying saucer over a beach in Bristol?

This appearance could be one for Mulder and Scully... A woman has spotted what could be a UFO while she was walking her children on a beach in Bristol.

Fiona Powell, 41, was walking her children with friends along the promenade on Severn Beach, Bristol, when she took a photo of their surroundings.

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But on closer inspection, the corner of one of the photos contained what appeared to be a flying saucer.

Fiona, who took the photo on 9 February, said: "I'm undecided whether I believe in aliens or not, but this photo certainly meets the criteria of a UFO.

"After I had taken the photo, my friend zoomed in and it looked even more like a UFO. I have shown the photo to a few sensible friends and they all think it is incredible."

Is that flying saucer over a beach in Bristol?

Back in February, a UFO has been spotted in a photograph in the skies above Cornwall.

The strange object left UFO enthusiasts guessing at what it might be. David Gillham, of the Cornwall UFO Research Group, said it was the second sighting he had seen in as many weeks.

What do you think the latest sighting of a UFO in Bristol is?

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