Woman takes a turkey on plane

We've heard of service dogs - but a service turkey?

Woman Takes Service Turkey on Flight for Trip to Scatter Husband's Ashes

A woman flying to San Francisco to spread her husband's ashes recently took a rather unusual pet with her to ease her nerves.

Easter is Jodie Smalley's 25-pound pet turkey and she has been there for her since her husband died of cancer three months ago.

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It's fair to say that the Virgin America staff at the check in desk were more than a little surprised to see who their unusual passenger was.

Jodie had a custom diaper made for Easter specially for the flight, and the turkey even has the necessary documents that certify she is a support animal.

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Fellow travellers were tickled by their feathered fellow passenger, with one even asking if the turkey had been given its own seat, while others whipped out their cellphones to take pictures.

While on board Jodie said: "We're going to San Francisco to go and spread some of my husband's ashes and she's been there for me through all sorts of different things."

Sitting comfortably on Jodie's lap, Easter didn't make a sound throughout the two-hour flight and after touching down in San Francisco, the turkey excited the plane like a veteran traveller. A wheelchair was then used to transport the bird through the terminal.

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