What it's like to escape an avalanche (video)

Snowmobile riders were in Canada when the ground collapsed...

Snowmobiler's Escape from Avalanche Captured on Helmet Cam

This footage shows an incredibly lucky escape from an avalanche - all caught on film thanks to a helmet camera.

Terry Freeman was snowmobiling at Bullmoose Mountain, British Colombia, Canada when suddenly the ground beneath him started to collapse.

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Freeman escaped a terrible accident when the snowmobile was forced into a crevice, throwing him off the vehicle.

Terry said: "I am not an inexperienced rider, and this slope had no indicators that it might let go. This event has realigned my approach to climbing, and I hope that everyone can take away something from my experience."

The final shots caught on camera show drifts of snow falling down the mountain in front of Terry as he sits up from his fall.

Last summer a video emerged of another outdoor sports enthusiast escaping a dangerous situation on the slopes.

A part-time freerider filmed himself escaping an eruption of Mount Etna as he raced down the snowy slopes on skis.

The adrenaline junkie didn't seem too concerned that plumes of thick, grey smoke were flying out of the volcano behind him as he skillfully slalomed down the slope.

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