Drunk driver blames beer-battered fish lunch

Man tells police beer-battered fish sent him over the limit


Drink driver blames beer-battered fish lunch

A man who was caught drink-driving told police that the reason his breath smelled of booze was because of the beer-battered fish he'd had for lunch.

John Przybyla, 76, was pulled over in Wisconsin, USA, way back in 2014, and was convicted on Monday.

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Fox News reports that it's his 10th charge of drink driving.

The Metro reports that Przybyla was not actually over the legal limit of 0.08%, but he was still arrested because he tested above a special limit of 0.02% he had been given after being caught drink-driving the nine times before.

Officers pulled him over for swerving across the centre line with a broken tail light, and his blood alcohol level was .062.

He is still yet to be sentenced but could receive 12 years in jail, the paper adds.

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