Streaker risks life playing chicken with 50ft wave in Brighton

Video footage shows naked man in 'stupid' stunt

Streaker risks life playing chicken with 50ft storm wave in Brighton

A streaker has been caught on camera playing chicken with a 50ft wave during Storm Imogen in Brighton.

The man was completely naked apart from a pair of boots, and was seen running at the monster wave in Saltdean in East Sussex.

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He can be seen sprinting towards the sea before making a hasty retreat to prevent himself from being swallowed up by the giant wave.

Onlookers Steve Honeysett and Julie-Anne Gildurt had just enjoyed a cup of tea at a nearby cafe when they spotted the crazy antics and caught it on camera.

According to the The Sun, Steve said: "When we got down to the sea we saw a man, who was completely naked - apart from a pair of work boots - heading towards the water.

"It was crazy, the water was so fierce and the waves were breaking at incredible speeds - it was so dangerous.

"He was taking his life into his own hands and his two friends that were watching couldn't have done anything if he got swept away."

The Mirror reports that he added: "I have no idea why he did it - or why he was naked - maybe he did it for a bet.

"It was pretty scary to watch, the consequences could have been serious."

The Coastguard has advised against getting too near to the coast in storm conditions, and has warned against risking safety for a selfie.

Warnings were issued after a couple taking pictures of Storm Imogen in Newquay were hit by an enormous wave and swept 50ft along the seafront.

The woman suffered a broken arm and landed in a boat on the quay, while her partner was washed into some railings which stopped him falling into the harbour, according to the Daily Mail.

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