Buffalo vs lions: Incredible fight filmed on video

Ingenious! Buffalo scares away predators by bursting a car tyre

Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

At Kruger National Park in South Africa these lions were looking for their next meal and they appear to have decided that i was going to be this buffalo - but they weren't prepared for the fight that ensued.

The buffalo managed to get rid of the first attacking lion using its horns as a weapon but he seemed unable to shake the second unwelcome lion off as he started to move towards one of the park tourist vehicles.

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Having already flipped one lion, the buffalo found an ingenious way to shake off its second attacker - by using its horns to puncture a nearby car tyre.

The resulting loud release of air was enough to scare away the big cat, forcing it to release its vice-like grip and flee.

It may have been a lucky escape for the buffalo but the lions were also left with lasting reminders of their unsuccessful attack with one showing a gaping leg wound that came from the buffalo's sharp horns.

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