Man photographed hugging giant Christmas Island crab (video)

The crustaceans can reach up to a metre in length

Man Photographed Hugging Massive Christmas Island Crab
Crustaceans aren't generally thought of as being cute or cuddly - and coconut crabs are no exception.

The crabs are known for being both massive and mischievous - but nevertheless, one brave tourist visiting Australia's Christmas Island gave one a giant hug resulting in a truly remarkable photograph.

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Coconut crabs can measure up to three feet long, making them the world's largest known land-dwelling arthropods, but they don't necessarily use the power of their size for good.

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The crustaceans have a reputation for being consummate robbers, helping themselves to everything from mobile phones to tools.

It is thought that Christmas Island is home to around one million of them.

According to BBC Earth, coconut crabs are generally found on the islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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