Huge deer takes food from little girl through car window

The toddler confidently handed over a snack to the wild animal

Massive Caribou Takes a Snack From Little Girl Through Car Window

You might think letting your toddler offer food to an animal isn't a great idea - especially when that animal is a huge deer - but this family on safari in Quebec, Canada, has proved everyone wrong.

The footage above was captured by David Freiheit while he was on safari with his family last week.

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The little girl in the back of the car can be seen offering a handful of what looks like fruit to a huge and hungry deer outside the window.

The gentle animal takes the food from the girl's hand before pulling its head back out of the car as the girl squeals with joy.

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But that's not the end of it. Shortly afterwards, the animal pokes his head back through the window for another round of nibbles.

Unfortunately he's not as lucky this time as the family are obviously keen to move on with their safari and the cameraman can be heard saying: "Out of the car, move it" before they pull away.

As the car moves off it's clear to see just how big the animal is.

There seem to be a number of videos of over-friendly safari animals doing the rounds at the moment.

One Irish holidaymaker was in for a shock last year when he was joined by an unexpected guest while on safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Mickey McCaldin was sat in the back of a jeep when an over-confident cheetah decided to hop into the back of the car and join him.

According to David Horsey who lives in Mombasa and was also in the car, the animal just had a look around before jumping out again....

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