Has a skier caught the Yeti on camera in Spain?

Resort bosses forced to check the area

Have skiers caught the yeti on camera in Spain?

A video taken in the Spanish ski resort of Formigal appears to show a large white 'creature' in the landscape.

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An unnamed skier posted the clip on the internet, writing: "Strange animal spotted in Formigal. What the hell is this?"

According to the Metro, the man added: "This morning skiing in Formigal with friends we've come across this. What the hell is it?"

"A bear or a bloody Yeti?"

"We've told the ski resort but they haven't taken us seriously. "I bet there's something on the loose out there. I know what I saw."

Resort bosses did actually confirm that they searched the area but did not find anything.

They have reassured skiers that there is "no cause for alarm".

According to the Mirror, a spokesman said: "We have spoken to the witnesses of the sighting to identify the area in which it took place and after combing the area we have found nothing.

"We believe therefore that there is no cause for alarm and that visitors' security is guaranteed.

"In any case we will remain alert."

What do you think it is? A bear? A man in a suit? Or a Yeti?

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