Two planes collide midair and plunge into sea in LA

Three people missing after crash

Two planes collide midair and plunge into sea in LA

Two small plane have collided and crashed into the ocean in Los Angeles.

A huge search by boats and divers as so far showed up no sign of survivors.

Two men aged 61 and 81 were aboard one plane, while a 72-year-old woman was aboard the other plane.

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One of the planes was a Beechcraft 35 and the other was described as an aerobatic stunt plane, according to Q13 Fox.

The collision occurred at 3.30pm local time on Friday on a bright and sunny day.

Searchers have found wreckage from the men's plane, but the plane being flown by the woman is missing.

Both planes had taken off from Torrance Airport, and air traffic controllers saw two aircraft run into each other on radar.

The search for survivors will continue over the weekend.

Coast Guard Captain Jennifer Williams said told ABC News: "We don't want to give up until we really feel that there's no chance, that we haven't scanned the area, searched the whole area and looked for survivors."

It is thought around two dozen divers are working at the site but the wreckage could possibly be 80 to 90 feet deep.

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