Baby rhino rescued after being abandoned by its mother

Staff at the Aquila Rescue Centre in Cape Town are doing a brilliant job

Adorable Newborn Rhino Rescued After Being Abandoned By Its Mother

This beautiful baby rhino was found abandoned by his mother as a newborn - but his life has been saved thanks to a hard-working rescue team in South Africa.

The baby, now one month old, is being cared for by workers at Aquila Rescue Centre, Cape Town, who have developed an 18-month plan to reintroduce him into the wild.

The calf was rejected by his mother in what the staff believe was a case of mistaken identity.

Attempts to reunite mother and baby proved futile, and, as the calf's health was in danger, the team decided to take matters into their own hands and care for him themselves.

Looking after the rhino is a full-time occupation: he needs feeding every two hours, and drinks around 42 pints of formula milk per day.

He has now been assigned a mentor to teach him how to graze (something his mother would have done).

Rhinos can live up to around 50 years. Numbers are falling significantly due to the increase in illegal poaching. You can find out more about helping rhinos sat

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