Reporter says snow halted trams as one goes past behind him

Funny clip shot in Sweden

Reporter says snow halted trams as one goes past behind him

A funny clip has emerged of a man reporting live on air that snow has shut a tram network in Sweden - as one trundles past behind him.

The man was at the scene to talk about heavy snowfall in Gothenburg.

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The footage was uploaded to YouTube, although we first saw it at the Mirror.

A woman from the studio asks him: "Are the trams running at all?".

He replies: "I haven't seen a tram all morning, this entire morning. They're not running at all from what I can see.

"At least not the trams running to the central parts of the city where I'm standing (Avenyn)."

Cue a tram running past at that exact moment, leaving lots of viewers having a little giggle, and the reporter probably red-faced later on.

The funny clip reminds us a little of the time a BBC TV presenter was upstaged by a blue whale's brilliant comic timing.

Zoologist Mark Carwardine was talking to the camera about how difficult it is to find the elusive animals, despite the fact that they are utterly enormous, when one decides to turn up right behind him at that very moment.

The scene was shot in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, and sees Mark reel off a list about why the animals are so hard to find.

At that very moment, as if right on cue, a blue whale spurts water into the air through its blowhole, and Mark laughs: "Oh look, there is one! There's a whale right there. I didn't think it would be that easy. Talk of the devil."

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