Woman found dead in hotel room with two live monkeys

Police want to speak to man found incoherent in Florida hotel room


The body of a woman was found in a hotel room in Florida, along with two live monkeys.

Police said Linda Marie Smith of Arcadia was found dead at the Budget Inn.

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The 59-year-old had two capuchin monkeys in carriers in her room, North Port city spokesman Josh Taylor said.

According to Associated Press, Taylor said police plan to interview a man who was found incoherent in the room.

There were no signs of trauma to Smith's body and an autopsy is pending.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission retrieved the monkeys.

Spokesman Robert Klepper told the Herald Tribune: "Normal protocol would be to place them with a licensed permit holder. But I cannot speculate as to whether that's happened yet."

Florida residents require 1,000 hours of training and to present two reference letters before they can own a capuchin monkey.

There are approximately 45 licensed owners in Florida.

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