Drunk man's hand ripped off after trying to pat caged bear (video)

Russian man loses forearm up to elbow (Warning: Graphic content)


A shocking video has emerged showing the moment a Russian man had his arm ripped off when he drunkenly tried to pet a caged bear.

The drunken man ignored his friend's warning not to reach into the cage and put his hand into the animal's cage.

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Filmed in the woods of Murmanskaya Oblast, in Russia far north west, the video shows the man's friend screaming, "you f*****g idiot, don't do it!"

WARNING: Disturbing video

The man is heard crying out in pain as his hand is ripped off by the brown bear.

His friend continues to film on his phone before dropping it in the snow to rush to his aid.

According to reports, the man's forearm was ripped off up to his elbow.

In December, a man who was viciously attacked by a bear shared graphic photos and his scary story in the hope of helping others.

Scottish climber Greg Boswell was the victim of the gruesome attack in Canada.

Boswell and his climbing partner Nick Bullock were on Mount Wilson in the Canadian Rockies when Greg fell as he was trying to run away from the bear.

Amazingly, he was able to pry the bear's mouth open while he was screaming for help from his partner, who he credits with saving his life.

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