Tourist falls into well after failed selfie (video)

The woman was rescued by locals who tied shirts together to make a rope

Austrian Tourist Falls Into a Well After Failed Selfie, Gets Rescued by Locals

An Austrian tourist in India slipped and fell into a well while trying to take a selfie.

The woman is thought to have been trying to take a picture at the Junagadh fort in Gujarat when she fell.

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People nearby were alerted to the situation when they heard the woman's screams and quickly rushed to help her out of the terrifying situation.

Locals pulled the woman out of the well using a number of shirts they had tied together as a rope.

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The footage of the rescue shows her being laid on the ground once she had been recovered from the well and cuts and bruises are noticeable on her legs as she indicates for water.

People can be seen gathering around her, handing her a bottle of water, wrapping towels around her and helping her to sit up and drink.

It's thought that the woman escaped the dangerous incident with cuts and bruises.

Less than two weeks ago police in Mumbai identified 15 locations in the city where taking selfies are dangerous, the BBC reports.

Many popular tourist attractions have been named on the list including the Marine Drive promenade.

Local police have previously enforced a 'no selfie zone' at a religious festival in the hope of preventing accidents.

Similarly selfie sticks have been banned at a number of attractions around the world including Disney, the Colosseum and the popular Guggenheim Museum in New York.

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